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Fake -  - The Frames
Troublemaker - id|artist|title|duration ### 1015|Picture This|Troublemaker|172600 - Picture This

Picture This


Always Be With You -  - Walking on Cars

Walking on Cars

Always Be With You

Find The Water - id|artist|title|duration ### 854|The Coronas|Find The Water|206150 - The Coronas

The Coronas

Find The Water

Follow Your Fire - id|artist|title ### 624|Kodaline|Follow Your Fire - Kodaline


Follow Your Fire

In The Midnight Hour -  - The Commitments

The Commitments

In The Midnight Hour

What Do You Mean? - id|artist|title|duration ### 979|Hudson Taylor|What Do You Mean?|189320 - Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor

What Do You Mean?

This Is Goodbye -  - Codes


This Is Goodbye

Never Change -  - Picture This

Picture This

Never Change

Nina Cried Power - id|artist|title|duration ### 711|Hozier|Nina Cried Power (feat. Mavis Staples)|221210 - Hozier


Nina Cried Power

Just My Imagination -  - The Cranberries

The Cranberries

Just My Imagination

Lost In The Thick of It - id|artist|title|duration ### 1031|The Coronas|Lost In The Thick of It|199780 - The Coronas

The Coronas Feat. Gabrielle Aplin

Lost In The Thick of It

Run Through Walls - id|artist|title|duration ### 980|The Script|Run Through Walls|206920 - The Script

The Script

Run Through Walls

Set The Fire To The Third Bar  -  - Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol Feat. Martha Wainwright

Set The Fire To The Third Bar

Anything Could Happen - id|artist|title|duration ### 1025|The Academic|Anything Could Happen|203070 - The Academic

The Academic

Anything Could Happen

Not Your Lover -  - Hermitage Green

Hermitage Green

Not Your Lover

Making Me Dance - id|artist|title|duration ### 775|Wild Youth|Making Me Dance|210190 - Wild Youth

Wild Youth

Making Me Dance

It Is What It Is - id|artist|title|duration ### 767|Ruthanne|It Is What It Is|196070 - Ruth Anne

Ruth Anne

It Is What It Is

To The Bright And Shining Sun -  - The Walls

The Walls

To The Bright And Shining Sun

One Of Us - id|artist|title|duration ### 1016|Flynn|One Of Us|183820 - Flynn


One Of Us

Better Love -  - Hozier


Better Love

We Have To Move On - id|artist|title|duration ### 983|Inhaler|We Have To Move On|248980 - Inhaler


We Have To Move On

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight -  - U2


I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Cr...

Another Year Over -  - Turn


Another Year Over

Saving Grace - id|artist|title|duration ### 1024|Kodaline|Saving Grace|230000 - Kodaline


Saving Grace

This Isn't Everything You Are -  - Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

This Isn't Everything You Are

All My Friends - id|artist|title|duration ### 925|Dermot Kennedy|All My Friends|236870 - Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy

All My Friends

Ship Goes Down -  - Walking on Cars

Walking on Cars

Ship Goes Down

Almost (Sweet Music) - id|artist|title|duration ### 783|Hozier|Almost (Sweet Music)|215720 - Hozier


Almost (Sweet Music)

Ordinary Superhero - id|artist|title|duration ### 1013|Keywest|Ordinary Superhero|194490 - Keywest


Ordinary Superhero

Get On Your Boots -  - U2


Get On Your Boots

Sometimes - id|artist|title|duration ### 1001|Kodaline|Sometimes|227210 - Kodaline



What A Shame -  - The Strypes

The Strypes

What A Shame

Don't Give In - id|artist|title ### 623|Snow Patrol|Don't Give In - Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Don't Give In

We Got Music -  - Hybrasil


We Got Music

Black And White - id|artist|title|duration ### 1023|Niall Horan|Black And White|191860 - Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Black And White

Listen Dear -  - The Coronas

The Coronas

Listen Dear

Lying That You Love Me - id|artist|title|duration ### 995|JC Stewart|Lying That You Love Me|219030 - JC Stewart

JC Stewart

Lying That You Love Me

This Is -  - Aslan


This Is

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