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Bite My Tongue - id|artist|title|duration ### 696|The Academic|Bite My Tongue|204870 - The Academic

The Academic

Bite My Tongue

If Tonight Is My Last -  - Laura Izibor

Laura Izibor

If Tonight Is My Last

Gut Feeling - id|artist|title ### 645|The Coronas|Gut Feeling - The Coronas

The Coronas

Gut Feeling

Make It Better -  - Hermitage Green

Hermitage Green

Make It Better

Her Grace - id|artist|title|duration ### 770|Maverick Sabre|Her Grace|206410 - Maverick Sabre

Maverick Sabre Feat. Chronixx

Her Grace

Winter Song - id|artist|title|duration ### 759|Delorentos|Winter Song|180530 - Delorentos


Winter Song

Black And Gold - id|artist|title ### 627|The Blizzards|Black And Gold - The Blizzards

The Blizzards

Black And Gold

Love Will Set You Free -  - Kodaline


Love Will Set You Free

9 Cents & 2 Dollars - id|artist|title|2_Dollars|duration ### 709|Brian Deady|9 Cents ||202940 - Brian Deady

Brian Deady

9 Cents & 2 Dollars

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight -  - U2


I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Cr...

Give Me A Minute -  - The Coronas

The Coronas

Give Me A Minute

Remember Me -  - Gavin James

Gavin James

Remember Me

It Is What It Is - id|artist|title|duration ### 767|Ruthanne|It Is What It Is|196070 - Ruthanne


It Is What It Is

Hell Of A Party - id|artist|title|duration ### 716|All Tvvins|Hell Of A Party|187730 - All Tvvins

All Tvvins

Hell Of A Party

Movement - id|artist|title|duration ### 760|Hozier|Movement|235530 - Hozier



Perfect Rain - id|artist|title|duration ### 747|Curtis Walsh|Perfect Rain|162140 - Curtis Walsh

Curtis Walsh

Perfect Rain

The Christmas Song -  - Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes Feat. Richard Egan

The Christmas Song

Ready To Change -  - Kodaline


Ready To Change

My Gold - id|artist|title|duration ### 756|Flynn|My Gold|197978 - Flynn


My Gold

Christmas Past -  - Mick Flannery

Mick Flannery

Christmas Past

Don't Give In - id|artist|title ### 623|Snow Patrol|Don't Give In - Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Don't Give In

Jealous Guy -  - Aslan


Jealous Guy

Head Held High - id|artist|title|duration ### 703|Kodaline|Head Held High|214030 - Kodaline


Head Held High

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) -  - U2


The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)

Drop Down The Anchor -  - The Blizzards

The Blizzards

Drop Down The Anchor

Infinite Swim - id|artist|title|duration ### 746|All Tvvins|Infinite Swim|200350 - All Tvvins

All Tvvins

Infinite Swim

Be Here Christmas Time - id|artist|title|duration ### 757|Delorentos|Be Here Christmas Time|186100 - Delorentos


Be Here Christmas Time

For The First Time -  - The Script

The Script

For The First Time

Jackie And Wilson -  - Hozier


Jackie And Wilson

What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get - id|artist|title|duration ### 763|Snow Patrol|What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get|186890 - Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

What If This Is All The Love Y...

When A Child Is Born -  - Sinéad O’Connor

Sinéad O’Connor Feat. Danny O'Reilly

When A Child Is Born

Even Better Than The Real Thing -  - U2


Even Better Than The Real Thin...

Can't Move On - title|artist ### 679_Can't Move On|Wild Youth - Wild Youth

Wild Youth

Can't Move On

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