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Niall Horan is releasing new music this week!

Tuesday 4th, 2020



Niall Horan has been on the roll recently as he is releasing some great songs from his new album. While the name of the album is still unknown, Niall has released two songs from it. Horan recently announced a new single on his Instagram.

“No Judgement” marks the Irish crooner’s latest single after unleashing the rock-heavy jam “Nice To Meet Ya” and vulnerable ballad “Put A Little Love On Me” from his upcoming sophomore album. “Couldn’t be more excited for this one if I tried,” Horan captioned the announcement on Instagram.

Hear a preview of Horan's new song below.


Niall Horan detailed wanting to refine the narrative of the typical breakup record with his second LP. "It's the whole idea of the different types of days that you have when you break up with someone. It's not all like sitting around being sad. You have some days where you're rebellious and you want to go out in town and paint the town red type stuff and then you literally just have days where you do sit there and write sad songs and feel sorry for yourself and eat chocolate and literally watch TV."


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