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Gypsies On The Autobahn release single 'Rubicon' Oct 18th and play The Button Factory Nov 15th!

Tuesday 8th, 2019


Having just released their second album 'Suspended' earlier this year to critical acclaim, Gypsies On The Autobahn are now releasing their third single from it, 'Rubicon', along with a thought provoking video written and directed by front man James Smith. About the song and video the band say.. 

"In the lead up to writing Rubicon Niall and James had come to blows and were not speaking to each other. Eventually Niall came in with this bass line, which was what broke the silence between them. Working in close proximity with each other for so long there is ultimately going to be conflict; luckily this conflict gave us Rubicon.
The video is about two people who can’t talk, moving between Reality and the Otherside; a dark and surreal look at relationships and conflict. Written and Directed by frontman, James Smith, shot and edited by Oliver Kelly and Alex Lynch and starring Laura Brady and Tadhg O’Rourke."
Their second album, ‘SUSPENDED’ brings with it a more mature sound and central theme of hope born from moments of struggle. Talking about writing the record, James said he had always previously found it necessary to try to use his lyrics to speak to someone else. However when it came to moving forward he found that familiar process transitioning into one that delivered lyrics he identified as him searching for hope for himself. It’s that intimacy and insular dialogue that deliver’s ‘SUSPENDED’’s big emotional punch and creates inevitable internal conversations for the listener because everyone can relate to them on a deeply personal level. While they admit they write songs in what might be considered a backwards way, music first and lyrics second, it's easy to see that it is born from an understanding between four young men who have been creating together for over a decade. This understanding allows them to continually bring each other outside of their comfort zones. A lack of fear in suggesting things that might on the surface level sound unorthodox, ultimately delivers moments of glory that give this sophomore record brand new life. 
Being so close for so long doesn’t come without conflict, yet even as tensions rose and a battle between their own aggressions and sensitivities reared its head, all it did was create a raw environment where only candour could exist. While every band becomes a family at some stage, brothers James and Dan grew up in house where music literally moved the walls. If there was a fifth member just as responsible for their sound, it would be that family home which doubles as their rehearsal space. On a regular day you wouldn’t be hard pressed to find their younger brother Kevin (widely known as Kojaque) upstairs building a sonic movement that recently captured a generation in this country and bands like Soda Blonde, formerly Little Green Cars, passing you by at the stairs as they carry out their own rehearsals and writing sessions. It's very easy to see why music has become the first language of anyone who walks through its doors. 
Teaming up with producer Ciaran Bradshaw, ‘SUSPENDED’ glues together seamlessly but is never afraid to go places the previous track hasn’t, providing big guitar moments that meet at a crossroads with the slower piano driven junctures like the record’s heartbreaking first single Make You Mine. You can’t help but feel that Gypsies on the Autobahn aren’t just wanted by those who listen to them, they are needed. Four men unafraid to be vulnerable in a society where that so rarely transpires. A voice for everyday people who carry real tragedy but can’t help but move forward with an infinite hope for the future.
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