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Blink Of An Eye


Runabay Biography

Hailing from the Glens of Antrim, Runabay is a six-piece band.

They have been described as alt-folk or indie, but the intricate and adventurous nature of their songwriting means they rarely fit into predictable pigeonholes.

Since the bands formation in 2014, they have strived to constantly evolve and develop their sound. To that end, this new track is a departure from previous releases, with a shift in sound and a changing aesthetic. Recent influences ranging from Daughter to Public Service Broadcasting have informed and modified their sound which now consists of shades of electronic, folk and indie culminating in a soundscape of intrigue and beauty. 

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Runabay Tracks

Runabay Discography

  • 2014 Single Sequences
  • 2015 EP The June
  • 2016 Single Woodpecker
  • 2016 Single You I Know
  • 2016 Single This Day
  • 2017 Single Portraits
  • 2017 Single Lotus
  • 2017 Single Too Soon (Reverie)
  • 2018 Single Blink of an Eye
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