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Hermitage Green

Band from Limerick

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Make It Better

Hermitage Green

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Hermitage Green is an acoustic folk rock band based in Limerick. The line up features Darragh Graham [Djembe, Banjo & Backing Vocals], Darragh Griffin [Vocals & Guitar], Dan Murphy [Vocals, Guitars, Dobro & Harmonica], Barry Murphy [Bass Guitar] and Dermot Sheedy [Bodhrán]. Brothers Dan and Barry along with Darragh Griffin are from Limerick and have known each other for many years. They met Darragh Graham when he moved to Limerick to study. Dermot later joined the group on Bodhrán. The band took it's name from the housing estate wheere the Murphy brothers grew up. The estate had no green play area so the lads tried to make their own in a field which became known as the Hermitage Green.

The group got together in July 2010. The band quickly built up a retutation as a very hard working outfit playing a phenomenal amount of gigs. This resulted int he band gaining a large following. The band finally released its debut EP. Entitled 'The Gathering' , the EP featured 'Golden Rule', 'Gibson', 'Live On' and 'Aisling'. The band took a different approach for their debut album. Instead of a studio record, the band released a live album - 'Live At Whelans'. However. with the band being at home in a live context, this was apt debut. The record surfaced at the end of 2013. The band continued its ethos of regular live performances while it worked towards completing their debut album. Starting with 'Jenny' which was released in the Summer of 2015, the group released a number of singles to wheet the public's appetite for the debut album. Other singles included 'Quicksand' and 'Make It Better'. In March 2016, Hermitage Green finally unveiled its debut album which was the culmination of 5 years of hard work. 


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  • 2016AlbumSave Your Soul
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