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Brian Deady

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Brian Deady

Brian Deady Biography

Brian Deady is a Cork-based artist. He emerged on to the scene in the mid-2000s, contributing the track 'Gold Spot' to the 'Southern Fried 2' compilation of Cork artist. This was an early glimpse of Brian's music which is a rich misture of pop, funk, disco and soul. Over the following three years, Brian worked tirelessly on his debut album with a number of different producers. The result of this was 'Interview' which was released in 2009 on Magic Machine Records. Along with 'Gold Spot', the album featured a further 11 tracks. The album was warmly received, both at home and abroad. 'Interview' was named 'Album Pick Of The Month' by Aaron Byrd on KCRW in Los Angeles. 

One of the tracks from the album, 'Over Like MacGyver', became the lead number on Brian's next release which was an EP of the same name. Another track, 'Sun Up' was included on the 'IMRO New Sounds CD 2010' which featured 21 of Ireland's hottest acts of the year. That year also saw the Cork man perorm at two of Ireland's premier Summer festivals - Oxegen and The Electric Picnic.

After this, Brian returned to the studio and returned in October 2011 with a new EP, 'Love Out Loud'. The 4-track single featured all new material including 'Filty Minded', 'Til The Lights Fade' and 'Bad Girl' as well as the title track. Not one to be rushed, it was a further four years before Brian returned with new material. In July 2015, he released 'A Darkness'as a sneak preview of his new album. The album, 'Non Fiction' followed in December 2015. That album was a triumph in terms of the maturity of the songwriting and the quality of the vocal performance. 

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Brian Deady Tracks

Brian Deady Discography

  • 2016 Album Non-Fiction
  • 2017 Single Say When
  • 2018 Single Eloise (Lean Into the Wave)
  • 2018 Single Fire in the Woods
  • 2018 Single Steppin' Right Up
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